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The Forbidden Vancouver Tour: Lost Souls of Gastown


The eerie song of our seated host, weakened and ill from the ravages of smallpox and shunned by the townsfolk, transports us to the 19th century. Her story is sad and tragic - a young girl attracted to the big city - Vancouver - by the lure of fame and fortune. She survived the Great Fire, but was cruelly cut down by an early death on cobblestone streets. A lost soul from the past. 

Reliving death in the city: smallpox ravages 19th century Vancouver 

Such is the compelling story, one of several tales, spun during my Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour with

Camping Hacks for Families: make camping a breeze

Our family LOVES to camp. Even when the kids were babies, we ventured out with them swaddled in MEC Chuck Roast onesies, strapped in to Baby Bjorn carriers and hiking backpacks to introduce them to the great outdoors. 

Taking the kids on even a modest camping trip is no small feat. In addition to cooking, cleaning, and providing the usual supervision, you need to anticipate their needs that may be unique to the outdoors. This adds up to a lot of preparation, not to mention a lot of gear.

Get the kids on the slopes with Ski Canada's SnowPass


Winter in Canada can have some benefits. Really. 

It's a source of pride in our country to bundle up, brace for the lower end - the sub-zero - of the thermometer, and go outside and play in the cold white stuff. It's almost a patriotic duty, though on the west coast we don't feel quite the same bravery venturing out into our annual winter rains.

The Canadian Ski Council and the nation's ski resort areas have made it easy for Canadian families with children in grades 4 and 5 (ages 9 and 10) to get the best out of winter and enjoy the marvelous snow sports of skiing and snowboarding. 

The living lights of Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

IMG 5373

The waters of Guanacaste have a secret. 

An organism living in the warm waters of the Pacific that can only be seen at night. Aimee knew exactly what it was; she'd seen it before.


Like fireflies, the tiny creatures light up with the gentle agitation of our hands moving back and forth in the dark water. Instantly, the phosphorescence appeared as if by magic - bluish green light emanating from our fingertips and on our faces as we splashed. …

Book professional family photos with

Tired of boring, stilted family photos?

New website 51Moments makes it easy to hire a photographer to take unique photos of your family as a memorable city explorer experience. Whether you live in Vancouver or are visiting the city and want some high quality photos of your family doing cool things around town, 51Moments will help you save money by hiring a local photographer, even at the last minute.

Our family's 51Moments experience was seamless and fun. …

It's the Snow: Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia

It's the Snow

The Big White Ski Resort tagline says it all: It's the Snow

Big White receives an annual snowfall of 24.5 feet of dry, fluffy snow, known as Champagne Powder. It's light stuff, which makes for truly amazing ski conditions that are quite different from coastal ski resorts like Whistler Blackcomb with its heavier, wet snow, or the hard-packed, often icy conditions in eastern Canada and the United States.

Big White Ski Resort is located just outside of Kelowna, British Columbia. …